Tour of historical and natural sites of Turkey

Turkey is the fifth most popular tourist destination of the world. It is flanked by Black Sea in north, Mediterranean Sea in south and Aegean Sea in west. Strategically located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Turkey really deserves the title of the most popular tourist destination of the world.

Since it is close to Asia and Europe, you will get a mix of Asian and European culture in Turkey. Food, culture, lifestyle, rituals, traditions and values – everything is different from the rest of the world. Turkey has 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that include historic areas of Istanbul, rock sites of Cappadocia and Neolithic site of Catalhoyuk. And all these sites are included in Turkey holiday packages.

There is no need to wait for turkey beach holiday packagesright time to visit Turkey as no time is bad time to visit this country. It has so many things to see and do that you can spend your holidays doing nothing but rest and relaxation. Also you won’t need spending much on your holiday trip.

Europe holiday packages are affordable or it should be said that the packages are made affordable so that more and more vacationers get an opportunity to see Europe from close. You would want to extend your Turkey holidays, once you land in Istanbul.